CSO Basin 24 Control Facility (Phase 4) Bid Packages 5 through 15 and 17 - (SUB-BIDS)

BP5 – REBAR: Furnishing and installing reinforcing steel for approximately 6,500 cubic yards cast-in-place concrete structure. BP6 – CONCRETE SUPPLY: Supplying approximately 6,500 cubic yards structural concrete. BP7 – METAL FABRICATION: Supply and prefabricate all metal stairways, railings, weirs, baffles, columns, embeds, and all other miscellaneous metal items. BP8 – BALANCE OF PRECAST: Supply of all precast CSO tank appurtenances including all aluminum hatches and metal castings. Also includes supply of approximately 16 manholes, 4 drywells, 11 catch basins and one precast merge vault, 178 lf of 30” concrete pipe, and 262 lf of 54” concrete pipe. BP9 – WATERPROOFING: Supply and install approximately 1,514 sy of concrete wall waterproofing. BP10 – FLOW CONTROL DEVICES: Supply of GNA flow control devices including electroslide, flush gates and hydrocheck valves including delivery, startup and training of equipment. BP11 – ODOR CONTROL UNIT: Supply of three (3) odor control units and media including delivery, startup and training for equipment. BP12 – LIFT STATION PUMPS: Supply of three (3) submersible non-clog wastewater pumps (Flygt Movel NP-3153 LT 3-414) including delivery, startup and training for equipment. BP13 – BALANCE OF PROJECT PIPE: Supply all interior CSO plumbing pipe, fittings and fixtures, all exterior CSO mechanical pipe and fittings as well as all street pipe and fittings not including conduit or concrete pipe. BP14 – INTERIOR HVAC: Supply and installation of interior HVAC systems not including odor control units. BP15 – ELECTRICAL: Electrical as well as one traffic control system, site and street lighting, site and street communication systems and approximately 5,000 lf of conduit and trenching ranging from 2” to 4”. BP17 – STREET CONSTRUCTION: Construction of 10,249 sy of roadway including crushed surfacing, HMA, signs and striping, concrete curbs and sidewalks. Does not include any work within the landscaped areas.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date8/2/17 8:30 am

Bid Date8/15/17 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Walker Halme Joint Venture

Ed Walker ewalker@walkerconstructioninc.com   Justin Paine jkpaine@walkerconstructioninc.com


Spokane, Eastern WA

Bidders may download digital documents at no cost. Printed documents are available, at bidders expense, by selecting the “Order” option.

A non-mandatory pre-bid conference is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2017 AT 8:30 AM. Those interested in attending should meet at Spokane City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., City Council Briefing Center on the lower level.